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Social Commitment


Social Commitment

Social Commitment – Pro Bono, Diversity & Inclusion
It is our core philosophy that private practice is not all about competition for clients and the maximization of profit.
We strongly believe that we have a social commitment to the community in which we operate. Our social commitment is crafted on three (3) pillars, namely; Pro Bono, Responsible Employer and Protection of Human Rights.



The provision of pro bono service is part of our habit and culture because it is the fulcrum of our strategy which is to share our expertise free of charge as a social good and as a way of giving back to the wider community. 

Our desire is to provide access to legal education, access to law and justice and to solidarise with those in need of legal services. Our goal and focus is to provide legal advice and support to the marginalized and disadvantaged individuals and the organizations representing them.


Responsible Employer

Our firm is ambitious about fostering gender balance, working on diversity and improving the well-being of its teams.


Protection of Human Rights

It is an integral part of our ethos to embrace, support and encourage work to advance human rights work. We believe that such work epitomizes service pro bono publico – for the public good.

Our focus is to promote and encourage the provision of legal services that advance equality, justice and human rights as an important part of our social commitment programme.

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