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Debt Recovery


It is important that businesses must be paid promptly for what they are owed by customers and clients for effective cash flow management which is cardinal for business growth and continuity. The delinquency associated with payment of debts which may comprise of late payments, avoidance of paying for goods and services can be costly to your business, have long-term and detrimental ramifications.

LIMO@LAW Debt Solutions (“LDS”) is a debt recovery service designed to proactively assist business clients in the prompt and effective recovery of outstanding debts.

LDS is results-oriented and works closely with clients to understand their requirements in order to provide tailor-made solutions for efficient credit control, not only in regard to the recovery of debts, but in respect of business terms and conditions, to ensure fast and efficient cash flow.

From strategy point of view, we offer a low-cost debt recovery service for an initial charge for a demand letter for recovery. It is when the demand fails to yield the desired dividends that we consider the commencement of legal action. We ensure that we investigate and obtain the assets of the debtor before commencing the action to ensure that we are able to effectively go into execution. 

We help our Clients with the following debt collection matters:

  • Improve your cash flow of Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Government (B2G);
  • Reduce bad debts through effective collection of debts;
  • Improve financial planning and forecasting; and
  • Avoid costly litigation due to strategic collection.

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