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Family & Matrimonial


Our team specializes in the intricacies and practice of family and matrimonial matters. We believe that the family unit is important in every society and we take great pleasure in supporting families during the period of major transitions.

Family Law is one of the most sensitive and emotionally-charged legal fields which usually covers divorce, maintenance, lump sum, property sharing and custody. Although divorce may appear to be a simple process, it may be complicated where it involves jointly acquired properties and custody. The divorce proceedings may be exacerbated by intense emotional stress and wrangling. 


LIMO@LAW provides the swiftest and most pragmatic approach to divorce proceedings in a compassionate manner. We will go out all to protect your best interest in the most effective manner. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that you and your family are happy and financially secured after the divorce proceedings.

We help our Clients with the following issues: divorce, child custody, provision for spousal and child maintenance, provision of lump-sum compensation and distribution of properties.


We come into this world filled with ecstasy, joy, affection, enthusiasm, ambitions; but we sometimes encounter grief, anguish, frustration, pain, shattered goals and unfulfilled ambitions. These are the realities of life that every human being, man or woman alike shall face in life.

It is the uncertainties of life that making a Will is one of the most important things you do but strangely many never consider and have intentionally underrated its significance.  

LIMO@LAW assist clients on the planning of their estates which involves the process of anticipating and arranging, during our client’s lifetime, for the effective management and disposal of their estates during their life, in the event they become incapacitated and after death. Our proactive and pragmatic strategy often substantially mitigates the acrimony associated with the distribution of the estates of an incapacitated or deceased person.

Again, we support our Clients prepare a Will which allows them make their wishes known before their unfortunate transition. Without a valid Will, the distribution of your assets will be according to the rules of intestacy under the Intestate Succession Law 1985 (PNDCL 111).

Our team offer the following legal solutions:

·      Will Preparation;

·      Setting up Trust;

·      Creation of Deed of Gift;

·      Estate Planning;

·      Powers of Attorney;

·      Letters of Administration action;

·      Probate action; and

·      Dispute settlement.

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