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Real Estate & Construction


Some of the most profitable investments in the world are in the construction and real estate industries. Both industries cover many aspects of property management such as development, leasing, appraisal, marketing and management of commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial properties. 

The two (2) industries have become complex following the enactment of many new legislations, particularly, the Land Act, 2020, Act 1036 and the Real Estates Agency Act, 2020 Act 1047. The revolutionisation of the legal regime requires the best legal support to be able to navigate and harness the optimum potential of the industries.


The construction business involves many stages which need to be managed and well structured; from the negotiation of construction contracts to drafting legal agreements between the parties involved in the project. We work in all areas of the construction industry, including sales and acquisitions, leasing, and real estate development. 

From the beginning of construction of projects, opening contracts, completing the contract, registering the work and carrying out the necessary formalities for the project, we assist our clients through every stage to ensure that their needs are met and their interests are fully protected. 

LIMO@LAW has expertise in the following areas to help you:

·      Due diligence – conduct specific and painstaking investigation, audit or review to confirm facts or details of transactions and/or projects under consideration before offering reasoned advise;

·      Advise Clients – advise clients or give professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation to enable clients take the best decision;

·      Construction Agreements – we draft various standardized construction contracts including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts; 

·      Bidding/Tendering/Procurement support – we support clients with navigating through the complex process of bidding/tendering and procurement in both the private and public sectors;

·      Statutory/Regulatory Compliance – assist in planning and securing the applicable permits and tax related matters which may arise in compliance with the Laws of the Republic of Ghana;

·      Legal Representation before Statutory Bodies and Law Enforcement Agency – represent our clients at Statutory Bodies and Law Enforcement Agency where the need arises;

·      Finance and re-finance – assist in legal advice and assistance for arranging project finance and re-finance of existing projects;

·      Tax planning and structuring – assist with the right tax planning and structuring advice to exceed your bottom line;

·      Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication – assist in dispute avoidance and adjudication in complex projects.

Real Estate

This largely involves buying, selling or investing in homes, land or other real property. Our Firm has significant experience and successfully litigate real estate disputes in the following areas:

·       Structure transactions for buyers of commercial and residential properties;

·       Representations of Broker and Agent Representation, Individual Homeowner Representation, Homeowner Associations, Property Management Firms etc;

·       Leasing – Landlord and Tenant Representation (Commercial and Residential)

·       Draft Agreements – Sale and Purchase Agreements, Deed of Conveyance, Finder’s Fee and Referral Agreement etc;


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