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General Litigation


Litigation is a complex and highly unpredictable mechanism for dispute resolution in Ghana. It can be time consuming, expensive and may portend a risk of adverse outcome.

LIMO@LAW is best known for zealous representation of Clients in the courtroom. Our team is experienced and familiar with all aspects of both civil and criminal litigation in Ghana, right from the Lower Courts (District Court, Circuit Court, Traditional Houses of Chiefs, Statutory bodies) to the Superior Courts of Judicature (High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court). 

Throughout a lifetime there may be times where one may find himself involved in a legal dispute. Although resolving the dispute outside court may be attempted, things can quickly escalate, and litigation may be the only option remaining. When such a situation arises, we utilize our experience and professionalism in taking our clients through all the stages of litigation, whether it is a civil matter or a criminal matter. 

We listen very well to the instructions of our clients, obtain the relevant evidence from them, and then apply the applicable law to the situation and in the best interest of our clients. We manage all the stages of litigation, from the initial case assessment, to investigations through drafting pleadings, possible settlements or even appeals. We have vast experience in litigation and regularly help clients to bring court actions or defend court actions. 

We represent our clients on a wide range of matters, by:

·      Assessing facts of a case and giving advice on the appropriate legal strategy;

·      Drafting applications and pleadings to commence proceedings;

·      Appealing cases or handling appeals against judgments or rulings; and 

·      Presenting cases before the court.  

Other areas we represent clients are: land conveyancing and litigation, adoption, tort and medical negligence, defamation, chieftaincy, criminal, human rights, insurance claims and personal injury claims.

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